As seen in thousands of measures, the current emitted by acupuncture points of the body, when measured in a short circuit, decreases asymptotically from a peak value to a lower steady state value, as a function of many physiological parameters and conditions. Measured data validation is therefore demanded to a software procedure. A software has been then developed to calculate the standard deviation of the data in a given number of samples. When the standard deviation is lower of a preset threshold, the current value is accepted and displayed. Many characteristics points on different subjects have been tested and some results are reported in the following paragraph.

Figure 9. Current deviation

As an example, figure 9 shows some results obtained measuring for ten times the current emitted by two characteristics points (point A and point B) of a male subject. Measurement were taken every 30 seconds with a nominal pressure of 200 gr. Point A is the point LU11(Shao Shang) of the Lung Channel and is located on the radial side of the thenar eminence, 0.15 cm posterior to the nailbed. Point B is the point HE9 (Shao Chong) of the Heart Channel and is located on the radial side of the fifth digit, 0.15 cm from the corner of the nail bed. Figure 10 shows the locations of the two points on the hand of the subject and the locations of the two channels along the arm.

Figure 10. Location of point A and B